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5 Habits To Transform Your Life

5 Habits To Transform Your Life

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“The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you”

Meditation is the most underrated and the most hated habit by millennials. But once you get into meditation there is no looking back.


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This is the easiest and the most fun of all these five habits. You can just go for a walk, play football or basketball or any other sport, go to a gym or else if you do not have the time to go outside, you can just do skipping and basic exercise at your home.

Skipping is the best and the most result-oriented exercise. Doing skipping regularly for around thirty days can help you reduce belly fat, become more flexible and it also has many health benefits.

Do whatever exercise you like to do but keep one thing in mind “Be Consistent”


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Reading is the best and the easiest way to learn new things and improve your life. You can read the experiences and learnings of thousands of people and can learn from them without wasting your time to learn those things yourself. We have never-ending content to read and learn from.


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Most of us confuse journaling with writing a diary. Though both of these are kind of same things but journaling is say a mature version of a Diary. It is a place where you can feel yourself and be the real you.

No matter whether you write two lines or two pages, but write daily.


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Expressing Gratitude

Expressing Gratitude

We, humans, have everything to be happy, we have the easiest life as compared to other living creatures on this planet. But then also we have an inbuilt tendency of always feeling unsatisfied.

The only way of becoming satisfied and truly happy in life is by expressing Gratitude daily and Consistently.

This you can do by writing about one thing daily which you are grateful for in your Journal.


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