Four Things to Do Every Day for Your Mental Health - Deepstash

Human suffering is often about freedom and constraint. We rebel against too much containment (“I need space!”) or if we have too much freedom, we feel lost in space. Fearful. (“Where did you go?”)

The global pandemic disrupted our social structures. Some structures create a connection - at work, the gym or the coffee shop - and others create distance - saying goodbye to our partners and kids in the morning, It is normal to react when our old structures are broken, but we have the opportunity to create our own.


Our bodies need to stretch, reach, twist, bend, step, and sweat. It's not about staying in shape. It's about your immune health and mental health.

Build movement in your structure. Try for at least 20 minutes per day.


You don't have to ban small treats. However, it is essential to set up a daily structure that fills you with nourishing healthy foods.

Make a dietary change, learn to meal prep, or teach your kids to cook.


Community is a form of medicine. We need to feel seen, heard, and understood and extend the same in return.

It won't just happen. You're going to need to schedule it. Listen and offer your support with generosity. Invite others to do the same.


We need to pause long enough to let our nervous system come back to baseline after prolonged activation.

Experiment with what works for you, be it guided relaxation or watching a TV show.


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