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Gamify Your Life - How to Turn Your Life Into a Game and Level Up

Gamify Your Life - How to Turn Your Life Into a Game and Level Up


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Gamify Your Life - How to Turn Your Life Into a Game and Level Up

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What is Gamification / Gamify Your Life All About?

  • Making something fun and include elements of play in it.
  • So that you’ll be much more likely to muster up the motivation to get it done.
  • Turning your life / goal into a game!


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How to Gamify Your Life?

Apply these steps to your life using the goals that you have :

  1. When you’re playing a game, you usually start at Level One. You’re a newbie, a beginner, a rookie.
  2. Then, as you take certain actions, you accumulate points.
  3. Once you have enough points, you move up to the next level. That is, you level up.
  4. You move up–from level to level– and, eventually, you move all the way up to the top level.


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6 Practical Steps to Gamify Your Life

1. Identify Your Current Level

  • Don’t Compare Yourself to Those Who Are at Level Ten
  • You Can’t Leap From Level One to Level Ten

2. Identify What the Next Level Looks Like

3. Identify the Action You Need to Take to Level Up

4. Act

5. Reward Yourself

6. Repeat and Keep Leveling Up


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Example - The Levels from Depression to Bliss Look Something Like The Following :

  1. Depressed
  2. Discouraged
  3. Worried
  4. Frustrated/Irritated
  5. Bored
  6. Content
  7. Hopeful/Optimistic
  8. Happy
  9. Passionate
  10. Blissful

You shouldn’t ask yourself how to move from Level One to Level Ten.

Instead, ask yourself how to move from Level One to Level Two. (One step at a time)

Then, ask yourself how to move from Level Two to Level Three, from Level Three to Level Four, and so and so forth.

You just KEEP LEVELING UP until you get to Level Ten. (Step by step; Level by level).


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At each level the question becomes:

“How do I move on to the next level?”

Daring to Live Fully


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Reward Yourself!

When you reach Level Two you could get yourself a piece of equipment that you can use to help you with your goals.

Here are some examples if your goals are related to workouts / losing weights :

  •  A watch with GPS;
  • A stability ball;
  • Colorful t-shirts to wear during your walks.

You’re no longer a newbie. You are now at Level Two, and you have the props that go along with being at this higher level.

In addition, your rewards will help you in leveling up even further. MAKE IT EXCITING!


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PAUSE - What Level Are You Currently At?

  1. What level are you currently at for each area of your life (physical fitness, emotional well-being, relationships, career, and so on)?
  2. How can you move up to the next level?
  3. How can you make the action that you need to take fun?

LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE by living your life as a game and continuously looking for ways to level up. Gamify your life!

Let the games begin!


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