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The Two Attributes of Any Great Leader

The Two Attributes of Any Great Leader


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The Two Attributes of Any Great Leader

Defining Leadership

If leadership was all about controlling others, everyone would train to do it. Upon closer observation, leadership is about sacrifice and bearing the weight of others.

The wolf leading the pack is often the last in line, and the last to eat. Leaders do not thrive in telling people what to do. Instead they go on in sacrificing themselves for the greater good of those who follow them.


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  1. Resilience: This is the ability to recover from or adjust easily to change.

In the theory of evolution we see the species who survive are not those who are the strongest, but instead those who can adapt the fastest. In other words, those which are resilient.

2. Inspiration: Inspiration: The Greek word is inspirare, which means to breathe into.

The word is closely linked to life because when we are inspired it causes action, and often makes us feel alive.


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Great leaders use inspiration and resilience together by inspiring resilience in their teams. They do this by: 

1. Sympathising with their team members - Letting their team know they have been through it.

2. Being open when they are struggling - Shows they are human.

3. Constantly reminding their team of the goal - Lets the team understand their wider purpose.

4. Repeadtedly showing up in times of need - being reliable.

5. Displaying their successes as a team effort - Not taking all the credit.


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