How to Improve Your Workplace Endurance - PlaceLab - Deepstash
How to Improve Your Workplace Endurance - PlaceLab

How to Improve Your Workplace Endurance - PlaceLab


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How to Improve Your Workplace Endurance - PlaceLab

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1. Practice Your Breathing

Whilst at work, take notice of your breathing every 10-15 minutes. If you are breathing and your shoulders are rising, you are breathing sharply and are under stress. This reduces your stamina. 

Try breathing into your stomach to allow for a good intake of oxygen and increased stamina. 


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2. Mindful Movements

Try your best to move as often as you can. We often get stuck in the same position for too long leading to tiredness. Try to: 

  • Go for frequent walks around the office when you can. 
  • Change your seating position to improve posture. 
  • Frequently stretch your arms and necks to remain comfortable.


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3. Aerobic Conditioning

It is important that we increase our overall stamina by partaking in frequent exercise. As little as 10-20 mins a day can help increase your stamina at work. 

Try your best to incorporate a light jog, walk or exercise for 1020 mins a day. 


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Wellness is Not All or Nothing

Finally, the outcome will not come right away. So focus on taking little actions every day to push yourself to improve your stamina. 

You do not have to implement all of these at once, you can gradually add these 3 tips and still see the benefits. 

Hopefully, the benefits incentivise you to do more. 


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