The BackStory of Stories
  • On top of the addictive characteristics of social media that most are as of now mindful of, Instagram Stories fuel new degrees of impulse.
  • These rapid-fire segments loop us in and keep us hooked with every tap, with a more involved narrative that seizes attention.
  • Yep, even when mindlessly tapping through some videos for 38 seconds straight, you're hooked.
  • Instagram Stories work a bit like Netflix episodes, and just like them, we're compelled to binge-watch.


Why Are Instagram Stories So Addicting?

  • The fact that they're quick makes it even more compelling to watch one after the other.
  • Persuasive design is a psychology-based practice that focuses on influencing human behavior through the characteristics or design of a product or service.
  • Companies do not know they've created a vicious cycle in which, similar to drug addiction, the consumer is either killed by the product misused or becomes completely opposed to it.


  • People believe they should be more authentic because the content in stories disappears after 24 hrs unless saved to a profile highlight. 
  • Users can interpret Stories as lighter, more relatable & less threatening making people more likely to tap through them. 
  • Humans love relatability. Picture-perfect poses & photoshopped perfection, however, can make us feel threatened.
  • So, next time you post story, knowing that someone is likely taking comfort in your less-than-curated contributions.


  • Gram pack the usual punch, contributing to skyrocketing rates of anxiety & depression.
  • Children & adults of all ages have confided that they are embarrassed to post photos of themselves without the use of filters on social media.
  • Seeing people's stories will give you a false sense of connectedness that does not & cannot replace talking to & spending time with loved ones.
  • Over time, this can create debilitating feelings of loneliness.


  • Social media feels like a bit of an uncontrollable avalanche on humanity, it’s not all bad.
  • Being mindful of the effect social media has on us on a personal level is the secret to striking a healthy balance.
  • Ask ourselves the following questions
  1. How important has social media become to us compared to cultivating relationships in more traditional ways?
  2. How significant, rewarding & meaningful are the social media interactions we have?
  3. What does our time spent on social media hold us back from?


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