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6 Popular Ways to Do Intermittent Fasting

6 Popular Ways to Do Intermittent Fasting


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6 Popular Ways to Do Intermittent Fasting

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Spontaneous meal skipping

In most scenarios, you don't need to follow a structured intermittent fasting plan in order to reap its benefits.

Skip meals from time to time when you're inclined to do so because you're not that hungry or too busy to cook. It's spontaneous but make sure to eat healthier during the other meals.


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The Warrior Diet

This diet was popularized by fitness expert Ori Hofmekler. It involves consuming small amounts of raw fruits and vegetables during the day and having one huge meal at night.


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Alternate-day fasting

This type of intermittent fasting has several different versions but the gist of this is that you fast every other day. On some days this diet will leave you going to bed hungry and it's not a pleasant feeling so it's most likely unsustainable as a long-term diet plan.

Be mindful that this may seem rather extreme so this is not suitable for beginners.


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The Eat-Stop-Eat diet plan was popularized by Brad Pilon, a fitness expert.

This type of diet involves a 24-hour fast twice a week. It's a fairly difficult type of intermittent fasting but you are not obligated to do a full-on 24 hours right away. It's fine t start from 10-14 hours and then moving upward from there.

Like any other types of intermittent fasting, water, coffee, or any other zero-calorie drinks are allowed.


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The 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 Diet, also known as the Fast Diet, was popularized by British journalist Michael Mosley.

This type of intermittent fasting involves eating normally 5 days of the week and then restricting your calorie intake to 500 (women) and 600 (men) for 2 days of your choosing.


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The 16/8 Method

The 16/8 method is the most popular type of intermittent fasting. This was also known as the Leangains protocol that was popularized by fitness expert Martin Berkhan.

This method basically means that you fast for 14-16 hours a day and then restricting your eating window to 8-10 hours per day. You can easily fit in three meals within that window.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this will not work if you consume an excessive amount of calories and don't eat primarily healthy.


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