These 4 positive-sounding traits can actually sabotage your success - Deepstash
These 4 positive-sounding traits can actually sabotage your success

These 4 positive-sounding traits can actually sabotage your success


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These 4 positive-sounding traits can actually sabotage your success

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Positive-Sounding Traits That Are Bad In The Long Run

Some behavioural traits generally have a positive connotation to them, but are self-sabotaging in the long run:

  1. Thriving Under Pressure
  2. Thoroughly Exploring Your Options
  3. Being In Control
  4. Striving For Excellence

These traits can set us up for success initially but have a downside to them.


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Being able to work under pressure once in a while is a positive trait, but if it is an addiction to trigger focus, it can give rise to procrastination.

People create artificial pressure situations to add that spark of a time crunch but waiting to start your work just before the deadline is highly unproductive.


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Thinking everything to death before making decisions can be counterproductive, creating self-doubt.

If you keep researching every aspect and keep gathering every information to make that mythical perfect decision, you will never reach certainty.


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Always staying in control can turn one into a control freak. It can also make us fearful of situations when we cannot be in control.

One can feel unprepared in certain situations and avoid them altogether. Always wanting to be in control can also create unnecessary anxiety.


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  • Trying to do something perfectly is fine but always trying to be a perfectionist is a recipe for disaster.
  • Striving for perfection is an avoidable ‘impossible standard’ that makes one self-critical.
  • Failure to reach the impossible standard lowers one's self-worth.


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  1. Monitor your behaviour and acknowledge your self-sabotaging behaviour.
  2. Take action that is the opposite of what you intend to do while self-sabotaging yourself. Handle situations differently and observe the effect it has on you.
  3. Acknowledge your accomplishments and build your self-esteem by writing down the things that make you special, and unique.
  4. Focus on the positive and start a daily self-affirmation mantra to recite to yourself.


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