Step-by-step guide to focus and skyrocket your productivity - Deepstash
Step-by-step guide to focus and skyrocket your productivity

Step-by-step guide to focus and skyrocket your productivity

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Why are we not able to focus?

Since childhood, there always has been an external factor which tells us what to do and when to do it. Therefore we have lost our ability to self-govern ourselves.

Below given are the steps to solve the problem.


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Reserve a TIME slot.

Make a particular time slot and reserve it for the activity you want to do.


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Clear out possible distractions.

  • If you have any unimportant things (e.g breakfast, calls, emails etc) to be done in that slot make sure to schedule it before the time slot starts so that you are not disturbed in that slot.
  • Put your smart phone aside or switch to DND. Block notifications from unimportant applications.


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Prepare your desk.

Get everything you need to do the activity on your desk e.g. water bottle, sharpened pencil, notebook etc. This will allow you to never leave the desk during the time slot.


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Stick for 22 days straight.

No matter what happens you have to be at your desk at that fixed time slot for 22 days straight.

At first your productivity will be low and you will suck. Random thoughts would pop up in your mind. So let the thoughts flow and slowly sink in. As days pass your productivity will start to increase.


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Track and feel the results.

  • Maintain a progress sheet for each day.
  • Once you start doing this, after 22 days you will see that you have trained yourself to be disciplined and have cultivated a powerful habit to sit and work efficiently in that particular time slot.
  • If you do this for many things in life you will begin to achieve greatness.


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All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.



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Lessons learnt.

  1. How to live with your thoughts.
  2. Art of self governance which will prepare you for bigger challenges in life.
  3. Greatness takes time.


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