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The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

by Eric Jorgenson


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  • Seek wealth not money or Status - Status and money is zero-sum game but creating wealth is not zero-sum game. Wealth is having assets that make money while you sleep.
  • You’ll get rich by giving society what it wants but doesn’t know yet how to get, at scale.
  • A...

  • Arm yourself with your specific knowledge, accountability and leverage.
  • Specific knowledge is generally a highly technical or a creative skill.
  • Your specific knowledge will help you to escape competition through authenticity.
  • Earn with your mind not time.

  • Value your time by hourly rate, if a work costs more than your hourly rate, outsource it or don’t do it.
  • Bigger the creative/non-repetitive component of a work, more the opportunity of the gap between input (efforts/time) and output (returns).

  • Teaching forces learning.
  • If you’re memorizing advanced concepts without being able to re-derive them as needed, you’re lost.

  • Things to think most about: where to live, with whom to be in relationship with, what job to do.
  • Retirement is when you stop sacrificing today for an imaginary future.
  • Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.
  • A metric of good life or freedom: how much of the ...

  • Creating more opportunities through hard work and persistence.
  • Becoming good at spotting luck like a lucky break or building a unique character/brand when luck/opportunities find you.

  • Happiness is really a default state, happiness is there when you remove the sense of something missing in your life.
  • More desires, less happiness if you can’t fulfil them. Choose one big desire in life at any given time to give yourself purpose and motivation.
  • The more presen...

  • You don't want peace of mind, you want peach from mind. Remove the mind's chattering and you will get peace.
  • Use meditation, exercise and music to reset your mood.
  • For every annoyance, build a habit of thinking what is the positive thing about it.
  • A busy mind accelera...

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