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6 Rules to Managing Yourself So You Can Manage Others

6 Rules to Managing Yourself So You Can Manage Others

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Effectively manage yourself

Effectively manage yourself

Rules to Managing Yourself So You Can Manage Others. Seriously, if you're not managing yourself effectively, how do you expect to manage your team? ...

  • Work hard. You need to be prepared to work hard. ...
  • Be healthy. Often working hard means being busy. ...
  • Speak the truth. ...
  • Sharing is caring. ...
  • Be decisive. ...
  • Enjoy yourself, always.


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Self improvement advice

Self improvement advice

Here are a few ways you can improve your self-management skills:

  • Assess your strengths. ... 
  • Prioritize your responsibilities. ... 
  • Develop organizational systems. ... 
  • Create strict deadlines. ... 
  • Perform one task at a time. ... 
  • Practice patience. ... 
  • Take care of your health and wellness. ... 
  • Evaluate your progress.


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Focus on growth

Focus on growth

At the core of self-management are three skills everyone must develop:

(1) learning to manage your commitments and time;

(2) cultivating the motivation and capability to learn new things on your own in support of your work; and

(3) building and nurturing your personal network


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The ABC Technique is an approach developed by Albert Ellis and adapted by Martin Seligman to help us think more optimistically. The technique is based on our explanatory style. That is, how we explain difficult or stressful situations to ourselves, across dimensions of permanence, pervasiveness, and personalization.


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Leadership development

Leadership development

Here are six leadership principles that you can apply to your own life before you seek to lead others.

  • Take control of your thoughts. ... 
  • Take initiative in every situation. ... 
  • Prioritize “great work.” ... 
  • Let go of needing to “get credit.” ... 
  • Keep your cup empty. ... 
  • Prioritize personal growth.


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