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Dreaming on Demand: Becoming A Lucid Dreamer

Dreaming on Demand: Becoming A Lucid Dreamer

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Dreaming on Demand: Becoming A Lucid Dreamer

Dreaming on Demand: Becoming A Lucid Dreamer

“Lucid dreaming” is the act of dreaming while maintaining consciousness during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. This type of dreaming allows you to tell yourself that “you are dreaming” without waking up. Awake consciousness, if used correctly, gives one the opportunity to keep on participating in the dream while defining it to be something else.


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How To Become A Lucid Dreamer

How To Become A Lucid Dreamer

Many studies show that the phenomenon of lucid dreaming not only exists, it’s more common than we think.

Although lucid dreaming sounds like a savior and vessel for sleep-time entertainment, it definitely requires some practice.

Many “lucid dream specialists” suggest that maintaining a dream journal makes you more aware of your sleeping experience, and thus helps you become a lucid dreamer. Even though we tend to forget our dreams later on in the day, these specialists propose that if written right after waking up, dreams can promote lucid dreaming in the long term.


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