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Why businesses use so much jargon

Why businesses use so much jargon


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Why businesses use so much jargon

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  • As managers go up the corporate ladder, it seems they lose their basic human skill of communicating clearly.
  • They know they have nothing substantial to say, so they make up long sentences of nothingness, using obscure and long words, buzzwords and jargon.
  • As the nature of the economy is shifting rapidly, managers are doing things that are difficult to talk about or explain to others, resulting in them being intentionally vague and unclear.


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Corporate jargon is neither pretty-sounding nor is it making things efficient in an organization. 

Apart from sounding knowledgeable or causing deliberate confusion, managers also use jargon to establish credentials. By speaking the ‘manager code’ they establish their superiority and justify their salary.

The newly hired junior staff does not question this nonlanguage of middle and senior management, as they fear losing their jobs or not getting promoted on time.


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  • To get things done, one has to be clearly understood.
  • It is good business to be precise, accurate, and easy to understand.
  • Corporate gobbledygook works well when the goal is to cover up stuff.
  • Details that are not easily understood will lead to wasted efforts and useless meetings.


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