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How to Write Copy that Generates Results [Semrush Research]

How to Write Copy that Generates Results [Semrush Research]


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How to Write Copy that Generates Results [Semrush Research]

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How to Write Copy that Generates Results

With content writing, you want to find creative ways to inform and entertain your audience. But you also want to ensure your post is SEO-friendly, that readers will engage with it and that your content drives conversions. Because the fact is: brands that develop well-planned and researched content generate real results.


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Ensure you are using the correct keyword strategy

  • Select your primary keywords and target them along with the semantically related keyword.
  • Brief your copywriters properly so important keywords don't get lost in the process.

Come up with an optimized headline

  • Include your target keyword.
  • Come up with multiple options before selecting the winning headline.
  • Focus on the benefit, be actionable, be specific, and grab the readers' attention.


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Hook your readers right away

  • Optimize the opening sentences and paragraphs.
  • Form an emotional connection and place your reader in the middle of a story.
  • Begin with a story — this can help put your reader “in the narrative” and reel them in.
  • Use a counterintuitive idea.
  • Share a shocking statistic.
  • Include something that will resonate with the reader by speaking directly about their situation, problem, or objective.
  • Ask a question they can’t say no to.
  • Use a metaphor, simile, or interesting visual description.


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Cover the topic in-depth

  • The length of your content should align with your goals, audience, and industry standards.
  • Focus on delivering value and answering all your readers' possible questions.
  • Analyze your top organic rival's blog structure to make your content truly comprehensive.

Stay focused

  • Be clear about what you're trying to say to your audience.
  • identify the purpose of each content piece and try to stick to it.
  • if you have too many ideas for your article, create separate content pieces.


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Settle on a readability level

  • People read at different levels. When writing, you need to know your reader well.
  • Focus on your reader persona profiles and tailor your content to their needs.

Avoid giant paragraphs and long sentences

  • Make your sentences and paragraphs shorter to improve the user experience.
  • Keep paragraphs 2-4 lines in length, opt for less complicated words.


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Keep your tone of voice consistent

  • Brands can (and should) aim to develop their own tone of voice to set themselves apart.
  • But this tone of voice also needs to be in line with the preference of their intended audience.

Add relevant links

  • External links help Google see your content an as authoritative source.
  • Internal linking improves the user experience and reinforces your content hub strategy.


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Include visuals

  • Images make posts more appealing to readers and trigger emotions.
  • Make sure to create your own graphics, infographics, and videos.

Focus on telling a story

  • Apply the key rules of storytelling, aligning with your overall brand story.
  • Leverage the power of opinion pieces.


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Write and design to convert leads

  • With conversion copywriting, focus on the target audience and include a call to action.
  • Emphasize the reward and value they will get.
  • Design your piece to convert. Ensure that taking the desired action is easy for the reader


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Finish on the right tone

  • Reiterate the one thing you want them to take away from the post.
  • Inspire and empower them to take action and put their knowledge into practice.

Put the reader first

  • Put yourself in the reader's shoes and write like you are having a conversation with them.
  • Embrace empathy: remember, the ultimate goal of your blog is to help your readers and make their lives better.


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