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How to write effective meeting minutes?

How to write effective meeting minutes?


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How to write effective meeting minutes?

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In general, meeting minutes should capture the following six elements :

  • Date and Time
  • Attendees
  • Agenda
  • Notes
  • Key Decisions
  • Action Items


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The process of capturing meeting minutes starts even before the meeting has begun. There are two important questions that should be addressed before the meeting to ensure a productive meeting.

  • Who will write the meeting notes? Every meeting should have an individual responsible to share meeting notes after the meeting.
  • What is the agenda? It is widely known that an efficient meeting begins with a clear agenda. Creating and sharing agenda ahead of the meeting gives the attendees an opportunity to come prepared for the discussion. 


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  • Note taking application: Many people prefer old-school way of taking notes using notepad/pen while others prefer a reliable note-taking application.
  • Taking notes: While capturing meeting notes, it will be useful to categorize the content in three buckets - Notes, Key Decisions and Action Items.
  • Clarifications and questions: It is always a good idea to pause the discussion with any clarifying questions. If given an opportunity, summarize the meeting (highlighting key decisions, action items & next steps) to the group to get early feedback before sending out the official meeting minutes.


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Once the meeting is over, collate and share meeting notes at the earliest to ensure relevance of the content. Post meeting, review meeting notes while the content is still fresh to ensure the completeness of the notes. 

Meeting minutes are designed to drive projects forward by documenting key decisions and drive accountability among stakeholders. Hence, it is essential to outline action items and next steps clearly. 


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