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Your CSR Strategy Needs to Be Goal Driven, Achievable, and Authentic

Your CSR Strategy Needs to Be Goal Driven, Achievable, and Authentic


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Your CSR Strategy

As more companies commit to adopting CSR strategies that address environmental and social issues, it’s becoming more important than ever for these strategies to be goal-driven, ambitious yet achievable, and authentic.

Outlined below are six tips for companies to develop this kind of CSR s...

  • Getting buy-in from your CEO and executives before developing a strategy will ensure it reflects your company’s highest priorities. 
  • Executive support of the strategy will communicate its importance to employees and other stakeholders. 
  • The executive support will also help fa...

The next step of goal-setting is to identify your material issues: the areas that matter most to stakeholders and where your company can deliver the most impact through its operations, products, and services.

Conducting a materiality assessment can define your company’s cor...

After determining the broader material issues, an important next step in goal-setting is to discuss how to approach these issues in a way that is authentic to your company’s purpose, values, brand, and culture. Assemble a diverse, cross-functional, and global team for this exercise, and ask yours...

Once you determine your specific goals and ensure they align with employee, customer, investor, and executive priorities, you’ll want to establish a framework that organizes and communicates the goals in a memorable, effective way. One approach is to organize goals into a broad framework around a...

  • Achieving corporate responsibility goals requires consistent effort and collaboration across an organization. 
  • Working toward a waste reduction goal may require your facilities managers to assess waste management contracts, your procurement teams to buy fewer disposable products, and...

When developing a communications plan to announce a corporate responsibility strategy and goals, focus on three principles: honesty, transparency, and repetition. Be honest about where your company and industry have come up short, whether that’s workforce diversity or greenhouse ...

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