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Getting started as a newly appointed design leader

Getting started as a newly appointed design leader


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The role as a design leader

The task of the chief design officer (CDO) is often less defined than other established C-suit positions.

The position provides the opportunity to create unmatched value. However, it also presents unique challenges, such as the ability to switch between analytical and creat...

Your responsibility is to explain and translate the commercial design and value for the customer that is relatable.

The Tools

Quantitative and qualitative insights should be balanced. Set key metrics by identifying and quantifying your company's ambit...

The success of designers relies on cross-functional collaboration and understanding. Prevent an us-versus-them dynamic that traditionally occurs between designers and the organisation.

The tools

Explore various ideas to encourage a cross-functional cu...

It takes many functions to bring a product or service to market. You will need to influence the other functions daily to ensure that they work harmoniously. From the start, form alliances with colleagues across the organisation. Offer your guidance and reassurance for working wit...

A chief design officer used to focus only on physical hardware design. However, the customer's expectations show the need to understand the entire customer journey.

The tools

Map your customer's end-to-end journeys and identify any pain points. You ma...

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