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Self-protection is the enemy of growth. Rigidity is the number one way to fail as an early startup employee. The sooner you can learn to let go, the sooner you can help grow the company and grow as a professional.



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Learning from what worked from others experience bears a lot of wisdom. Nonetheless, it is through our own actions and experience that'll make true difference in our own lives. Hope this inspires and serves as useful guidance to all of us.

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Hiring Without an Office

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Self-Talk And Self-Doubt

How Self-Esteem impacts our daily life:

  • Self-Talk: A constant dialogue that we have with ourselves, where our own mind becomes our enemy, talking us out of doing what can help us grow and learn with many ‘logical’ excuses/reasons.
  • Self-Doubt:

Criticism can be positive

Criticism can be positive

Knowing where you’re not meeting expectations and understanding the negative perceptions others have of you is the only way you’ll learn and grow as a professional.

It is also important not to let every harsh word or critique break your confidence.

Tips On Selling A Startup

  1. Minimize risks by selling your startup in the early stages, giving up upside for a smaller but guaranteed payoff. Unfortunately, big companies tend to be risk-averse, so it is easier to sell an established startup than an early-stage one.
  2. Selling allows you to diversify away f...

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