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5 Qualities You Need to Be a Great CS Ops Leader | Gainsight

5 Qualities You Need to Be a Great CS Ops Leader | Gainsight

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Systems and Data

Systems and Data

The first requirement in most CS Ops positions is to establish a systemized way to capture your customer’s data.

Whatever system you have is a central source of truth that everyone in the organization or company can utilize. As a CS Ops leader, your role will be understanding and organizing the revealed data. 

The next step is to use the data produced by the system to tell a story not only about your customers but also about your product and your company.


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The ability to distill data and make process recommendations will test the communication skills of even the most eloquent leaders.  

  • Support is a part of the communication loop. Aligning with the Support team guides the resolution of major cases that keep customers satisfied. You also can report bugs to the Engineering team that may prove a more significant impediment in the future.
  • Feedback is a form of communication. Any customer data that can be delivered to the Product team aids in improving the product, which in turn creates a better customer experience and engagement.


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The Asset of Listening

As a CS Ops professional, you must be permanently poised to listen and learn from your customers and team. 

That includes reading people in every situation. You must be able to understand them through a compassionate perspective and act accordingly on the insight provided, even when you don’t have direct contact with customers.


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A CS Ops leader not only establishes team structure but also helps create a tier system for existing customers with a CS leader. 

  • The CS team structure has a lasting impact on your customer base. Sometimes, CSMs do not possess the skills or personality traits to be assigned to a particular segment. 
  • A CS Ops manager must know the CS team well enough to help manage account assignments, workload balancing, and headcount forecasts when there is impending growth and scale.


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Passion is a critical word in the description of a CS Ops Professional. 

  • First, passion for being in the trenches. They must be willing to roll up their sleeves, dig into complex operations, and “get their hands dirty.” If you aren’t ready to do that, then this may not be the job for you. 
  • You also must have a passion for designing processes that scale. But to create operational strategies and processes, you need to break down ambiguous problems into concrete, manageable components to identify optimal solutions.


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