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How to jumpstart creativity and innovation in remote and hybrid workplaces

How to jumpstart creativity and innovation in remote and hybrid workplaces


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Creativity and Collaboration for Remote Teams

Many people worry that creativity and collaboration suffer when teams are working remotely or in hybrid flexible configurations, and sure, there's a challenge of having a lack of in-person vitality but if you're creative enough about the formats ...

There are some managers who love having video meetings with a document open but there are many who hate it. 

If you are the one leading the meeting, you should have someone else to monitor the chat who'll be able to respond because it's quite dificult to focus on projecting, sharing, and fa...

Approaches to kick-start creativity for remote & hybrid teams

With a hybrid team, interactions and relationships across cultures -- even at a significant distance -- is important because it can spur your own creativity, and in order to do so team members must have a meaningful relationship with each other.

They can try the exercise of 'wordles...

  1. Start with small pairings -- so that they can have a little bit of psychological safety with the other person
  2. Give them a small project that they both can work on 
  3. Eventually, try to merge the small pairing with another pair to collaborate on ideas and enhance what they've do...

Everyone is tired and trying to find ways to stay inspired is challenging for both the leader and the team members. 

However, as leaders we have to make space for deeper emotions to emerge. We cannot pretend that everything is normal therefore it is important to set reflection pract...

What allows remote and hybrid teams to thrive and do their best work

  1. It is a combination of acknowledging the challenges of the moment while continuing to focus on what you're trying to achieve as a group.
  2. In order to have a long lasting feeling of inspiration, the team must feel like they're a part of something bigger and to do this, you can try the ...

What leaders should do to help colleagues and organizations thrive

Design and all kinds of creative work is a way to help people develop skills to navigate the kind of uncertainty that we are currently in. 

If possible, try to run a short creative project or any project at all that can make people come up with new ideas that focus on the end user which als...

Water cooler magic

Water cooler magic is best described as the serendipituous interactions between people in hallways between meetings in the office which some say is the key to innovation and creativity and organizational culture.

However, even with remote and hybrid teams, there's a little bit of magic if y...

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