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by Caroline Williams

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Adaptation For Movement

As humans we are built to move. Whether it’s to gather food or obtain resources for survival, movement is instilled within our DNA.

However Modern human beings move 30% less compared to the 60’s.

Not only does this simple statistic show that we have become inherently lazy as a species, but technological advancements such as Television & Social media have only had a negative impact on our overall health status.


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Move Regularly

Activity is key!

Remember that when your body slows down, so does your brain.

With the pandemic having a drastic shift on our overall workflow, we are now glued to our seats more than ever.

Unfortunately sedentary lifestyles are strongly correlated with :

  • Memory loss
  • Low IQ
  • Depreciating attention spans

To combat this your aim should be to move around for atleast one minute each hour.

A simple technological advancement that helps me implement this is my Apple Watch. It gives me hourly reminders to stand up - I aim for 12 stand hours each day.


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Daily Walking

Whether it’s with your friends , a loved one or just by yourself, daily walks are one of the best things you can do for your mind and your body.

Did you know that Charles Darwin’s famous theory of evolution was founded during one of his walks.

Just like Darwin , there are millions of ideas generated each day just by putting your body into a state of motion.

An important rule to remember

Walking = Movement + Creativity + Energy


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Emotional Elevation

Simply put, walking is a form of movement. Primarily a movement that is only heading forward.

Simultaneously, moving forward is also an emotional state of positive thinking.

There is a strong correlation between these two variables.

Simply put, a short 20 minute walk can help you overcome any emotional and physical barriers.

Walking has shown to increase levels of Endorphins within the body. In fact walking is one of the best methods to combat stressful situations.

The next time you’re feeling low, go for a walk. Without a doubt you will feel better once you are done.


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Making Movement A Habit

While taking a walk on occasion is good for you, the real benefits only start to show up when you make it a part of your routine.

Making walking a daily habit is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mind & body.

Prioritize physical movement and activity during your day. Set aside a specific part of your day where you can go for a short walk and commit to it for atleast 21 days.

Sooner rather than later you will observe the same benefits I did once I made walking a daily habit

  • Greater control of thoughts
  • Emotional stability
  • Improved cognition & attention span
  • Elevated mood


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