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Drinking Food


Can We Move Beyond Food?

Can We Move Beyond Food?


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The Lure Of Quick Food: The Background

People have long sought out pre-prepared foods with a long shelf-life; for example, Indigenous North Americans created 

Surviving On Protein Shakes

Online, you can find people who claim to have survived off of powder-based drinks such as Soylent and Huel for weeks (as Soylent’s ...

Missing Out on Variety (and Chewing)

Scientists haven’t fully grasped how our diet evolved nor what exactly transpires in our bodies as we munch on burgers or pick through salads. But research has demonstrated that the diversity within one’s meals, including aspects like texture and taste, matters for our health. Experiments 

Sensory-Specific Satiety

Researchers have observed this phenomenon, known as sensory-specific satiety, among animals and children (who haven’t exactly memorized the food pyramid).

Eliminating that fundamental variety-seeking that we have is not a good thing.

It has been found that liquids don’t make us feel as satisfied as solids do. One possible explanation: “complex” liquids like smoothies and protein...

Exclusively slurping on SlimFast or Soylent also means that you’ll miss out on the joy of chewing. As it turns out, chewing is rewarding even when food is absent — consider why some people tear through packs of gum. Most importantly, munching 

Unnatural Way To Intake Food

Beyond feeling bored and perhaps hungry and disgruntled, what health effects come with exclusively drinking your meals? While weight-loss trials have deemed mont...

The Missing Fiber

When drinking supplements, it may be difficult to get enough fiber, which helps regulate hunger and blood sugar levels. Brands var...

Drinking More Water

Liquid diets are also ironically associated with dehydration, likely because people forget to drink enough water and aren’t getting much from food (which provides around 20 to 30 percent of the H2O we need)

As much progress as nutrition has made, we don’t understand all the complexities of what’s in different foods. And although some brands claim to stuff all of the necessary nutritional components into a bottle or powder, this feat may not actually be possible. We haven’t necessarily pinpointed all...

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