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How to Translate Foot Traffic Into Digital Sales

How to Translate Foot Traffic Into Digital Sales

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Different Types of Retail Traffic

Different Types of Retail Traffic

Traffic refers to the number of people who comes into your store, including those who walk nearby. It is an important measure of retail success and naturally, the more foot traffic = the more chances there are to make sales.

The types of retail traffic include:

  • Regular Foot Traffic
  • Online Traffic


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Pros and Cons of Regular Foot Traffic


- it allows businesses to see and interaact with customers personally

- can generate word-of-mouth advertising and repeat customers through recommendation

- enables face-to-face sales 

- allows customers to ask questionsdirectly and get immediate answers


- it is dependent on the weather; and

- there are declining brick-and-mortar sales


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Pros and Cons of Online Traffic


- there is a constant flow of visitors to your store anytime even when you're sleeping

- it provides a targeted reach

- there are little to no geographical limitations

- tracking allows you to spot patterns and refine your marketing strategy


- it takes time to get established online

- there is over-reliance on technology

- changing algorithms mean you can lose your position in search engines

- it costs money to keep getting fresh visitors to your store


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8 Ways to Convert Foot Traffic Into Digital Sales

8 Ways to Convert Foot Traffic Into Digital Sales

  1. Advertise your online presence
  2. Advertise Online-Only Sales
  3. Offer Free Shipping Discount Codes
  4. Offer Incentives for Connecting on Social Media
  5. Highlight Exclusive Online-Only Products
  6. Cross-promote with Other Store Owners
  7. Use In-Store Events
  8. Hand Out Flyers 


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FAQs About Foot Traffic

How can I use my website for more foot traffic?

- Consider inviting people to buy online and pick-up the item in-store, provide in-store redeemable coupons, and offering in-store exchanges and returns.

What is the best way to track the success of my campaigns?

- You can add codes to flyers, cards, and other promotional materials or ask customers how they found you when they registered online.

How does foot traffic increase sales?

- The more foor traffic you have the greater the opportunity is to increase engagement and sales which help boost revenue. 


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