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Work parties- Are they good or bad?

Work parties- Are they good or bad?

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Some of the potential upsides to work parties

Some of the potential upsides to work parties

  • Showing your employees that you appreciate their contribution to your company is a great way to up employee morale and increase employee retention.
  • A work party can be a wonderful stress-reliever and provide an opportunity for your employees to relax and have fun.
  • Employees develop interpersonal relationships.
  • Any sort of recreational activity allows employees to de-stress and regain the strength that they need to tackle challenges in the workplace.


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When are work parties most likely to work

Work parties are most likely to be a positive experience when you have a close-knit team that you know enjoys each other’s company. Work parties are also most likely to work when they have been carefully planned.

Work parties are least likely to be a success if you have a large, diverse group of employees that already struggle to get along.


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Tips for if you plan to throw a work party

  • Mind the employees with specific dietary requirements. You should also be sensitive to employees’ religious and cultural backgrounds.
  • Keep it short and sweet. The longer that a work party draws on for, the more likely it is for employees to become bored.
  • Choose a convenient location, that all can travel to easily.
  • Do not make it obligatory. Your employees have a life outside of work.
  • Hand out special awards at your work party. These could be serious or simply fun and silly.


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Potential downfalls of work parties

  • Certain people feel excluded or feel obligated to attend.
  • Work parties can be breeding grounds for gossiping, bickering, and other forms of drama.
  • The question of alcohol is a big one that you will need to think about carefully if you plan to host a work party.
  • A work party can be quite a hefty company expense.
  • Allowing employees to bring their spouse or even entire family along can make the experience a lot more enjoyable and convenient for certain employees. But employees who do not have someone to bring along could feel very lonely. This will also add to the costs.


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Alternatives to office parties

  • Give employees the day off. Everyone appreciates having a little extra time to spend with their loved ones.
  • Giving Christmas gifts or hampers shows that you have a bit of holiday spirit without the drama and downfalls involved with work parties.
  • Instead of spending a large amount of money on a work party, why not divide this money up amongst your employees and grant it to them as a 13th cheque or end-of-year bonus?
  • Have a very short end-of-year lunch at the office This is a great compromise as it can be seen as somewhat of a work party.


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