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How to Humanize Async Work

How to Humanize Async Work

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What’s async?

Async communication means exchanges don’t have to happen in real-time, but rather on the schedule that works best for each person.

It allows people to set their own work hours and collaborate seamlessly across different time zones.


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Team culture is primarily built by how you work together

Team culture is primarily built by how you work together

Connecting with teammates on a personal level can be an important component of culture. But team culture and human connection are primarily built by how you work together — not how you socialize together.

Fostering greater social connections won’t create a stronger team culture unless you’re first operating on clear and consistent values in your work. Start there first. Don’t let a focus on creating social connections distract you from all of the other things that create a strong cultural foundation.


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Three principles for fostering the social side of team culture

  1. Make attendance truly optional. Some people want to socialize, some don't. This way, you’ll serve those that truly crave this interaction and create a better outcome for all involved.
  2. Treat social activities as part of the workday, not an extracurricular.
  3. Remember what truly unites you: your work. The work you do is what actually brings you together. One of the biggest benefits of remote work is that it provides the opportunity to spend more on the people and things you care about outside of work. Don't sabotage that with a bunch of forced social events.


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