Negative emotions clouding your creative process? Here’s how to clear the fog - Deepstash
Negative emotions clouding your creative process? Here’s how to clear the fog

Negative emotions clouding your creative process? Here’s how to clear the fog

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“You might have heard of this so-called flow state. That’s this enthusiasm you get where you meet the optimality between challenge and your confidence to master that challenge.”



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Recognize, Validate, Reframe

  • Simply recognize that you’re feeling a particular way about something.
  • Validae those emotions. A lot of times what we try to do when we’re feeling negative or stressed is we try to fight it. And really what you’re doing is creating what’s called a secondary emotion, and that judgment actually fuels the flame to make that negative emotion more pronounced.
  • Reframe your situation. The classic reframe is looking at your challenge as an opportunity to grow. Reframing can also be breaking down an overwhelming task into smaller, easier-to-execute steps.


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Remember to recover

Having recovery time is just as important as what you do when you’re active. You fill up your schedule so much where you have no time to recover and that actually affects your engagement in the task.

It’s something we’ve heard so often, but very few of us actually make recovery a priority. The key is being very intentional about it and planning it into your days.


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