The Right To Disconnect: How To Help Your Employees Unplug And Why It Matters - Deepstash
The Right To Disconnect: How To Help Your Employees Unplug And Why It Matters

The Right To Disconnect: How To Help Your Employees Unplug And Why It Matters

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The Right to Disconnect

The Right to Disconnect

The right to disconnect is becoming more challenging to define as employees and employers alike struggle to determine what “working hours” should look like in today’s digital work landscape.

When remote work is the norm, the office is always within reach.


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Adjust Communication Expectations

  • Normalize asynchronous communication. Make it clear that getting an immediate response from a coworker should be the exception, not the rule. Provide a maximum response time frame to keep projects moving forward.
  • Have employees list their working hours (and time zones) on their Google Calendars.
  • Embrace a “schedule, don’t send” policy. Once it’s clear when everyone is working, coach employees to schedule Slack messages or emails for the following morning instead of sending them when the recipient is “off the clock.”


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Encourage A Healthy Work/Life Balance

  • Employees need to know exactly what working remotely entails in order to determine whether it would be something they enjoy.
  • Working hours. Is the company offering a flexible working schedule, standardized work hours, or something in-between?
  • Production goals. Have employees been provided with written instructions on how much work they’re expected to complete weekly.
  • Benefit usage. Are you clearly communicating to employees all the benefit offerings available to them? If employees feel like they can’t or shouldn’t use their benefits, they won’t.


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Respect Vacation Time

A generous time-off policy isn’t just a nice thing to offer—it can also help avoid productivity slumps.

If you want your employees to return to work refreshed and inspired, you have to enable them to enjoy time away from work with no interruptions. 


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Set Up A Knowledge Base

Eliminate the need for anyone to contact employees when they're outside their working hours by creating a system where information is accessible company-wide

Use a formal knowledge base tool to centralize this content for your organization.


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