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Make every morning productive with these simple techniques

Early Morning Habits

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Remember your dreams

Dreams helps us to drive towards goals and stay focussed. Improves your memory and broadens your thoughts.

Make your bed

Be proud to start your day with a completed task. 

Drink a glass of water

Drinking a glass of water in empty stomach, keeps the digestive track healthy

Non dominant hand

Using non dominant hand for possible tasks, makes you smarter and strong

Breathing excercise

Deep breathing early morning for 15 min every day improves mindfulness

Brain Tea

Drinking tea rich in antioxidants helps memory function and keeps the brain active

Journal your thoughts

Writing journal every day helps orient towards our goals, redefine them, makes us feel proud of our achievements


15-20 min of high intensity workout keeps us in good health, sense of accomplishment and active during the day


Plan drinking different colored smoothies everyday. Colors bring smile and the smoothie takes care of the health

Read a book

Atleast 15 - 30 min of reading everyday. 

Suggestion : How does setting a goal of reading 52 books per year sound? HIghly ambitious but its possible :)

Reserve the first hour

Starting the first hour of your day with a list of productive activities will energise the whole day, makes you to accomplish more during the day and gives good satisfaction to end the day with a big smile.

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