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For too long we have let companies applaud us for being workaholics without considering our mental health and wellness issues. This article shows those in leadership roles, how they can prioritize our psychosocial health just as much as they focus on our physical safety.


A New Era of Workplace Safety: Prioritizing Psychosocial Health

A New Era of Workplace Safety: Prioritizing Psychosocial Health



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The Goals of the ISO 45003 Psychological Health and Safety at Work

  1. To lay out global standards for organizations to create and administer an environment where the psychosocial well-being of employees is as clearly defined and care for as their physical safety.
  2. Offer a helpful baseline for HR professionals across industries to evaluate how effectivel...

  1. A stigmatized (often nonexistent) support system. Our current situation has highlighted the lack of supportive environments, unsustainable and unfair workloads, and ineffective recognition practices.
  2. A diverse workforce has different mental wellness needs

  1. We need to discuss mental health more openly at work and underscore the importance of creating a psychologically safe space for each and every employee. The ISO guidelines are asking to create a culture of protection for employees that speak up.
  2. The quality and reach of the mental h...

Traditional solutions to mental health and wellness issues won't cut it anymore because it's becoming an increasingly important subject. Organizations seeking transformative solutions may need to have fresh eyes for the following:

  • How we view e...



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