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Why Community Is Your Best Growth Strategy for 2022

Why Community Is Your Best Growth Strategy for 2022



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A Vibrant Community

No matter the sector, a vibrant community not only serves as a defensive hedge against the competition but can also drive learning, innovation, and value.

And whether it's bringing together a group of power users, software contributors, content developers, or a gaggle of superfans, we're ...

The term can mean a lot of things: A support group, a networking forum, an open-source project, and even a tribe of rugby fans could all be considered a community. It can also be the amount of member motivation a product or service generates.

Unlike the traditional marketing funnel, which s...

The existence of communities may be as old as humanity, but this idea and practice of viewing community as a driver of brand loyalty, customer referrals, and user acquisition in a commercial context are relatively new. Early case studies show that when done well, a thriving community can be a mea...

The reality is that at some point, all companies have a community around them -- whether they choose to engage with it or not. Robinhood, which went public in July, is a lesson in what can happen if you don't. When you make no home for users to meet and seek support from official channels, they'l...

The first step in embracing the opportunity is to build a strategy that specifies how an organisation will provide value to its members, and then also derive value for itself. This kind of framework can help companies consider why it's creating a community, who is in the community, and its value ...

To help make the concept more concrete, here are some questions to add more nuance and rigour to your company's community strategy:

  • Who is in our community, and why are they here?
  • Who is not in the community?
  • What value will we create for the community, whether or not t...

Communities are complex systems, which means understanding the relationship between input and feedback can be difficult or not show up for a long time. The act of discussing and debating these questions will bring more clarity and alignment about the purpose and impact of the strategy and should ...

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Growth Marketing is buzzy! Reforge does a great job of defining it here.



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