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Bridging the gap between your Customer Expectations & Experience

Bridging the gap between your Customer Expectations & Experience


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Bridging the gap between your Customer Expectations & Experience

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Customers Have An Expectation

When interacting with any brand, every customer has anticipated what they want to experience. This is what customer expectation is really about, and once you fail to meet it, your customer is already on their way to your competitors. It is a competitive marketplace, don’t expect them to hang around for too long if you can’t give them what they need.


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The Actual Experience Is Their Truth

When you total all the interactions of a customer with a brand, we refer to this as the Customer Experience. Unfortunately, what a lot of customers experience is far from what they anticipated. Businesses that don’t take this seriously continue to lose customers, sales and marketshare.

This is the reason there is a gap between Customer Expectations and their Experiences


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Align Your Business Goals To Customer Needs

There isn’t any point building robust customer experience strategies if they are not customer-centric. It has to be customer-centric from design, from strategy all through to execution. This includes your people and processes too. Misaligned business goals create a gap from the onset that make it a struggle to deliver exceptional customer services.


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Understand Your Top Customer Priorities

PWC proves that speed, convenience, knowledgable help and friendly support are top priority needs from a customer experience perspective. Product price and quality are already naturally expected so no news there. But perhaps your customers have more industry-specific priorities. Do you know what these are? Ask your customers and pay attention to data to help you discover and prioritise their needs.


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Empower Your Teams

The tools, training, education and resources your employees need to deliver great customer experiences must not be taken for granted. This is the reason luxury hotel chain, Ritz-Carlton, gives employees the freedom to use up to $2000 to rescue a bad customer experience. You know why? So they can retain the customer and turn the experience into an unforgettable positive experience with future sale possibilities. How smart!


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Mind The Gap

Now that you know the gap exists, do what it takes to prioritise delivering exceptionally to your customers. But it all starts by understanding your customer needs and aligning your strategy/tactics towards it. Mind the gap and bridge it, and position yourself for success in tmarketplace.


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Built a CRM Tool. Company Founder. Consultant for Customer Service & Customer Experience


The difference between customers’ expectations and actual experiences with any brand reveals a lot about the brand. But how do we bridge the gap to position our businesses for success? Here are three areas to look into!


Customer Experience is not a myth. A lot of facts prove its importance is building and growing a profitable and successful company. Here are some stats to help you make better business decisions for 2022!

Had a conversation with a Food Brand last week with a clear challenge in customer service experience. They get complaints from customers every week. After so much probing I found out they have no customer experience design and customer journey map since their formation in 2014. Sharing this article was influenced by that conversation.