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7 ways to be transparent in your business

7 ways to be transparent in your business



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Why transparency is important in business

Transparency is about being open and honest. It's making it easy for customers to understand your business and what to expect when they buy from you.

The more transparent you are in your business, the more likely you are to meet your customer's expectations. When cu...

Buyers always want to know exactly how much a product or service will cost. Complicated pricing will make people think they're about to be caught off guard with some fine print and they may avoid you. Worse, if they buy from you, they might be surprised by the cost and then tell other people abou...

Ensure your customer-facing policies and deliverables are clear to your customers.

  • If you're a service-based business, have a clear scope of service for each of your offerings in writing.
  • If you're doing custom pricing,

Let your customers peek behind the curtain

When there's a perceived risk, customers may try to lessen their fear by collecting more information.

  • Instead of letting them find a negative review, give them that information. 
  • Share some behind the scenes videos of, for example, packaging an order and shipping them, or somet...

Communicate about the good and the bad. For example, sending a notification when shipping is delayed, emailing your price changes, publishing updated policies, etc.

However, you want your customers to reach you too. A WhatsApp chat widget can help people chat with a real pe...

Some businesses may think that transparency means letting customers see their flaws. However, it also means showing off everything you do well.

In your entire operations process, what are you most proud of? Why is your way better? What are the results, and how does it benef...

Tell your story

Show your customers who you are. Telling a personal story or creating a narrative around your brand makes you more relatable.

People want to engage with brands whose values align with theirs. Telling people who you are and what you believe will help you reach the right audi...

Potential customers will still do their own research to make sure you match up to your claims.

If you say you will do something, do it. If you say you won't do something, don't do it. Your customer reviews will reflect this information.

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Making a business is not that tough, but standing out from the competition becomes difficult when customers does not fall into your business. This all idea is about how can customer fall in love with your business...



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