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Are you struggling to find the motivation to stick to a workout routine? Well, you’re not alone, whether you’re drained from a job, exhausted with a newborn, intimidated to start or outright lazy, the truth is motivation is easily lost when life gets tough or you don’t work at it on a regular basis.


6 Ways to Find Fitness Motivation

6 Ways to Find Fitness Motivation



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1. Link Exercise to Pleasure

When you hear the word exercise, your mind is most likely going to label it as a painful experience. More so, if you engage in it irregularly.

You see, as humans we are hard wired to seek comfort and avoid pain at all costs.

As you put your body through the stress of exercise, therefo...

2. Find What You Like

You may have the idea that exercise is all about running on a treadmill for 30 minutes to an hour, three times a week, until you’re covered and dripping in sweat.

Let’s face it, the treadmill isn’t exactly the most ecstatic of exercises.

Beneficial? Absolutely, but I don’t blame you...

3. Seek an Accountability Partner

It’s easy to miss or skip a workout when the only person you report to is yourself.

Chances are you’re not so likely to get up at 6am on a cold rainy day to train if you’re nicely snuggled in bed and prone to laziness.

Why? because we’re conditioned to avoid pain if nothing challenges...

4. Find a Role Model

Fitness can be tough to maintain over a longer stretch of time, though many people successfully manage to do so.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s intimidated to get started or a regular who’s struggling to keep consistent, looking up to a role model can be your key to fitness motivation.

5. Brush up Your Diet

Yes, you’re always hearing about which foods are good and bad for you and why you should try out tens of different diets to feel great.

While you don’t need to necessarily enroll on a strict restrictive diet, you do however need to watch the foods you eat everyday.

If you have a regul...

6. Mix it Up

Have you ever noticed that we are creatures of habit?

You may like setting a routine for yourself because you feel comfortable with what is known and familiar to you. That’s because deep down there’s something about uncertainty that scares you.

It’s normal, most humans are uncomfortab...

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Newcomers to fitness can find it overwhelming and often times find it hard to remain consistent. This 2 minute read is a great help to learn tools to enjoy fitness and develop a schedule and consistency.



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