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Does Distance Make the Consumer’s Heart Grow Fonder?

Does Distance Make the Consumer’s Heart Grow Fonder?

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Understanding customer preference

Understanding customer preference

Retailers give a lot of thought to where they display products in their stores.

Research shows that customers prefer premium brands when their logos are positioned above the customer. For example, customers value premium watches kept deep inside a glass cabinet more than those kept at eye level. But the question is if it is the distance or the height that has this effect on customers. 


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Close and popular, far and luxurious

Research found that consumers are more likely to favour premium brands associated with luxury, high price, and prestige when viewed from a distance. In contrast, common brands associated with accessibility, value, and warmth are desired when viewed from up close. 

There is not an ideal distance. The research shows that the proper distance between consumers and products depends on the image the brand conveys. 


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The association between image and distance

When we see something from a distance, we view it as luxurious, and by the same association, when we see something luxurious, we think it is further away.

  • In one experiment, participants who viewed a premium leather backpack from a distance thought it was more prestigious. 
  • In a second experiment, participants viewed a trendy canvas backpack as more popular when viewing it from a distance of three feet compared to five feet.


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Match the strategy of the brand

In a final real-world test, researchers found that ads that showed a premium diffuser further from the model outperformed ads that showed the premium diffuser closer to the model. The popular/close ad beat the popular/far ad.

Marketers can leverage the relationship between distance and brand image in ads, window displays or store designs by putting distance between customers and luxury brands and less space between customers and popular brands.


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Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer


New research finds that how far we are from a product influences what we think of it.

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