Subcultures inside your company is critical to scaling your business - Deepstash
Subcultures inside your company is critical to scaling your business

Subcultures inside your company is critical to scaling your business

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Creating a company culture that grows with you

Culture is a living organism that can be stronger at 1,000 employees than it was at a few, provided it has the right ingredients and foundation.

A good way to create a company culture that stays fresh and relevant through growth is to create the foundation with a shared mission and values, but also offer freedom for individual expressions.


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Build a culture that's foundational, not aspirational

65% of CEOs agree that culture is vital to their company's performance, yet only 16% are satisfied with its strength. Values are critical to company culture. When the road ahead is uncertain or needs a difficult decision, values will give clarity.

There are two types of culture.

  • Aspirational values are about how you want to show up.
  • Foundational values are about who you already are. It can unite your team from the moment of hiring.


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Subcultures have different principles, not different values

Company growth is not just about products and services but also people and teams. That means creating space for subcultures to emerge. For example, your sales team may have a different working style than your product team.

Leaders may view subcultures as a threat, but embracing them can help the larger teams thrive because of their differences. For example, one team can have a stronger bias toward urgency that expresses their passion for speed and dedication to the customer.


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Reinforce what resonates with cultural values

Promoting individual expression and subcultures doesn't mean free for all. Everyone should still enjoy it in the end. CEOs should encourage projects or ideas that align with company values. A CEO should communicate what works and what doesn't.

When the boundaries for culture and subculture are clear, it boils down to patience. A strong culture will be self-monitoring. But if something or someone doesn't mix well with the company values, it is easily seen in conflict or problems.


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