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What Is Mindful Eating?

What Is Mindful Eating?



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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is the act of being present while eating or drinking.

You Eat While Watching TV

You probably eat while working, watching TV, talking on the phone, or doing any number of tasks throughout your day.

You may not notice when you’ve eaten a few pieces of candy, poured yourself another cup of coffee, or finished the crust from your child’s breakfast, because eating ...

Eating On Auto-Pilo

If you’re food secure, you’re eating numerous times throughout the day.

You might feel too busy or too stressed to take a break to eat, but how often do you eat without distraction or interruption?

How often do you savor the food and drink that you’re consuming?


Why Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating allows you to stop, slow down, and really pay attention.

Tips To Follow Mindful Eating: Tip #1

  • Be conscious of the activity. Follow a single bite from start to finish, Dr. Naidoo recommends, and pay attention to the sounds of cutting the food, the smell as it wafts up to your nostrils, the texture of the food as it reaches your mouth, the flavors that change as you ch...

Tip #2

  • Recognize your body’s signals. We’ve all experienced that deep, growling feeling in our stomach when we’re hungry. This is a signal. Cravings are also signals, but they don’t necessarily mean you need food. Sometimes we experience cravings when we’re feeling stressed or anxi...


  • Slow down your eating so your body and brain can communicate. When you eat quickly, you don’t usually experience fullness as quickly, and this can lead to overeating .3 In the process of slowing down, you allow your body and brain time to communicate.

Tip #4

  • Socialize over food. “The act of preparing and sharing meals with others is a social activity that has withstood the turbulent test of time, and we know that social engagement is a pivotal factor in our well-being,” says Dr. Naidoo. Joining a friend for dinner or cooking wit...

Tip #5

  • Focus on the sensory details. With each new food, Dr. Naidoo suggests paying attention to one sensory aspect, such as the smell of an orange as you unpeel it, the sound of your lunch bag unzipping, or the sight of the bright carrots and beet hummus.

Tip #6

  • Practice mindfulness throughout your day. If you want to work on mindful eating, it will help to incorporate mindfulness into other areas of your life. Dr. Naidoo suggests adding affirmations to your morning routine, practicing yoga, exercising, or trying guided meditation. ...

Important To know!!

Mindful eating is not a diet. The purpose of mindful eating isn’t to lose weight or cut back on calories; the purpose is to improve your relationship with food and overall eating experience.

Knowing the negative impact of certain foods on your body doesn’t mean you have to ...

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