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How To Write Amazing Ad Copy | Google Expert Reveals Top Tips

How To Write Amazing Ad Copy | Google Expert Reveals Top Tips

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Ad copy

Google Search ads are a good way to effectively reach the right audiences.

You only need ad copy that is optimised for Google, however, it should be excellent.

Google processes 3.5 billion searches a day and continually maps out the web to connect you to the most suitable information. Running Google ads allows you to reach customers at the moment they want to discover a product or learn about a service.

Google Search ads are text-driven, so you on...

Text ads need three parts:

  1. Headline text. The standard ad headline is 30 characters.
  2. A display URL.
  3. Description texts. The description text is no more than 90 characters.

Your ad has to be short and to the p...

  • Consider how to highlight what makes you unique, such as free shipping or the variety you offer.
  • Empower customers to take action. Make it easy to purchase your products or services with calls to action like Order Now, Sign Up, or Get a Quote.

To start, make lists of everything valuable about your product or service. Rewrite each item in the least words possible and sting together a few value items.

Keep testing variations to determine which combinations get the lowest cost per click. This can be done using Google's responsive s...

Ensure your landing page matches what you're advertising.

Use the Google Search ads integration with the HubSpot CRM to optimize your targeting and drive high-quality leads.

Use ad extensions to make ads easier to interact wit...

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