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Leadership Transformation and Success


Reinventing Your Leadership Team

Reinventing Your Leadership Team


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  1. Identifying the leadership roles needed to transform your company for the future. For your company to remain relevant, it will need distinct capabilities that allow it to deliver on its purpose, along with leaders who can envision its new place in th...

  1. Focusing your leadership team on driving the company’s transformation.What structures and mechanisms will help you lead the company to its new destination?
  2. Taking ownership of your leadership team’s behavior. Building the distinctiv...

  1. Look for people with varied experiences, who have worked within different ecosystems and understand the capabilities, technologies, channels, and transformational approaches you will be deploying.
  2. You want leaders who have demonstrated that they can build and scale up the capabiliti...

We talk about the need to both perform and transform. If you only transform but don’t perform, you have no here and now. If you only perform but don’t transform, you have no future. Therefore, in our scorecards we measure both. In our reviews we talk about both. And th...

The role of the leadership team does not stop with making big choices; senior executives must also see that their decisions are successfully implemented. That’s what the “strategic executor” leadership paradox is all about. Your top people will need to get their hands dirty working through the im...

  1. How much of your time is spent running the day to-day versus shaping the future
  2. How much of your time is spent reacting to what others in the organization bring to you, rather than driving the top team’s agenda?
  3. How often do your strategic discussions lead you to make hard c...

  1. How often do you ask people to come back with more-detailed proposals because your team doesn’t quite have the energy or the clear vision to be decisive?
  2. How often do you spend time debating who is responsible for solving an issue rather than addressing it?
  3. How often do you...

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