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Digital Transformation: A New Roadmap for Success

Digital Transformation: A New Roadmap for Success


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Recognize the emotional side of digital transformation

Digital transformation can be bewildering and exhausting for leaders and employees alike.

Emerging digital technologies are disrupting everything from supply chains and manufacturing to selling and distribution, as companies battle to create differentiated end-to-end c...

Vision and strategy matter, but without a sense of shared purpose, employees aren’t willing to do the hard work required to build a digitally mature organization. Employees not only want to know where they are going but also why they are going there.

Too often, leaders onl...

Today, digital transformation requires upskilling all employees so they can harness digital tools and data. However, executives must first understand the different generations in the workforce:

  • digital natives, who grew up with digital tools;
  • digital immigrants, wh...

Companies shouldn’t aspire to create a data-driven culture, but rather a data-informed one.

Data shouldn't be touted as a replacement for expertise or experience. Instead, it should enable employees to question the organization’s status quo, using insights from data ra...

As they become more senior, executives often have less contact with those at the front lines of their organizations and, as a consequence, their customers. Leaders need to be aware of these blind spots and empower their employees—including those closest to the customer experience—to take owne...



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