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Can’t seem to meditate? 6 joyful activities for you to try instead

Can’t seem to meditate? 6 joyful activities for you to try instead


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It's not “don’t meditate” but rather, that meditation is like many things — great for some people, but not necessarily for everyone.

If you’ve struggled with traditional forms of meditation, yet still crave a way to settle your mind and ease your anxiety, happily,...

I find that visualization gives me the same kind of distance and space that many people find in meditation, but it also engages my imagination in the process. Rather than feeling like I need to sit with uncomfortable feelings or ideas, it allows me to transform them creativ...

Certain types of coloring may help reduce anxiety. In particular, research shows that coloring a complex abstract design such as a mandala or a plaid pattern can reduce anxiety in a meaningful way. Structured patterns...

Drumming is a grounding activity that lets us blow off steam in a safe and non-aggressive way. Notably, drumming is one activity that has typically been studied as a group intervention rather than an individual practice. It’s possible that solo drumming also has benefits, but

Looking upward may also help, as this increases the amount of light that enters the eye, which itself has distinct benefits for mental well-being.

Little research has been done on cloud gazing (sadly!), however

Morning pages are a creative tool devised by the writer Julia Cameron in her celebrated book The Artist’s Way . To do them, you simply write three long-hand p...

Walking meditation is a form of meditation in its own right, but even if you don’t have a formal walking meditation practice, some form of mindful movement can be calming. Walking is easy and accessible to ...

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