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The Psychology of Willpower

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The Psychology of Willpower

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Relationships are built, they’re not discovered.



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Dating Is Not A Game

Dating Is Not A Game

The hard work of love isn’t just finding someone, there’s making it work, keeping the love alive, and navigating the ups and downs of a relationship.

It’s okay if you go on a first date and don’t feel the “spark” or instant chemistry. Oftentimes it takes time to develop that chemistry.

Create a rule of thumb that you always go on a second date unless something really dramatic and bad happens on the first date


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Way too often people are rejecting partners that could be potentially great matches long term because they didn’t feel this instant spark.



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Traits To Look For In A Partner

Traits To Look For In A Partner

  • Emotional stability: someone who doesn’t overreact in tough situations
  • Loyalty: someone who has existing long term friendships.
  • Growth mindset: someone who believes they can grow their skills through effort.
  • Ability to make hard decisions together: you want a teammate with who you can trust and work well.


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Modern Dating Is Challenging

Modern Dating Is Challenging

It’s easier to meet people now than ever before, however, dating is harder now than ever because:

  • People expect to get all of their needs met from one person today instead of several people like friends, family, etc.
  • People have high expectations of what relationships should feel like (due to comparing relationships from social media)
  • People suffer from the paradox of choice.
  • More options make us feel depressed, makes it hard for us to choose, and in some ways leads to decision paralysis.
  • People have fewer relationship role models (many parents are divorced).


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The Happily Ever After Fallacy

The Happily Ever After Fallacy

The Happily Ever After fallacy is the false idea that finding someone is the hard part of finding love

The hard work of love isn’t just finding someone, there’s making it work, keeping the love alive, understanding different relationship phases, and navigating the ups and downs

Finding somebody is challenging, but that’s not where the hard work ends.


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Dating Blind Spots

Dating Blind Spots

  1. The Romanticizer has unrealistic expectations of relationships. They want the soul mate, the happily ever after, the whole fairy tale.
  2. The Maximizer has unrealistic expectations of their partner. They love to explore their options and want to feel absolutely confident they’re making the right decision.
  3. The Hesitator has unrealistic expectations of themselves. They feel like they’re not ready to date.


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The Attachment Theory

The Attachment Theory

Attachment theory is one of the most rigorously researched elements of relationship science. It is based on how kids related to their primary caregiver. 

There are 3 main types of attachment:

Anxiously attached: These people have a fear of their partner abandoning them and constantly want to be in touch with them.

Avoidant attached: These people have a fear that they will be smothered by the relationship and constantly pull back from intimacy.

Securely attached: These people are comfortable with intimacy but also comfortable with their independence. 


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The Securely Attached

The Securely Attached

Securely attached people are about 50% of the population but because they’re good at relationships, they tend to be taken and are good at making relationships work

Try to date someone who is securely attached or work on becoming more secure yourself


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Dating Isn't Instant Coffee

Dating Isn't Instant Coffee

Instead of focusing on instant chemistry with your date, focus on the slow burn. The slow burn is the person who gets better over time and would make a great long-term partner.


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Spark Or No Spark

Spark Or No Spark

1) The spark is either there or it isn’t

Truth: the spark can grow over time, it takes time for people to grow on someone

2) The spark is always a good thing

Truth: sometimes there’s a spark just because the person is charismatic or hot  

3) The spark means the relationship is going to workout

Truth: the spark doesn’t guarantee a great long-term connection


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Stuff That Is Useless In Long Term Partners

  • Looks and money don’t matter in a long term partner as much as we think they do because we adapt to our circumstances over time
  • You don’t necessarily need someone with the same personality as you. You want someone whose personality complements yours.
  • You don’t necessarily need someone with the same hobbies as you. As long as you each have space to pursue your hobbies, you can make it work.


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Make Dating Fun

Make Dating Fun

  • Stop treating dates like job interviews, get out of work mode and focus on connecting with the person instead.
  • Instead of trying to be interesting, aim to be interested.
  • Be a good listener, ask follow up questions, and really get to know the person you’re on a date with

People disproportionately remember things on how they end so try to end the date on a high note such as giving them a meaningful compliment or sharing a dessert at the end of dinner.


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Tips For Long Term Relationship Success

  • Aim to find someone great, put in the effort, and create the relationship you want 
  • A huge percentage of the success in a relationship is the effort you put into making it work

Have hard conversations to make sure both of you are heading in the same direction before getting married:

  • Where will you live?
  • Do you want kids?
  • How will you manage your money?


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Disney Gave Wrong Expectations

Disney Gave Wrong Expectations

Our mindset matters! The ability to shift your mindset from soul mate to work-it-out beliefs could mean the difference between finding a life partner or not.

People with a work-it-out mindset know that relationships take effort and that building a successful relationship is a process.

Our belief in fate and fairy tales—caused in part by Disney movies, rom-coms, and social media—creates unrealistic expectations for finding and sustaining relationships. Remember, no one is perfect, including you. Even Prince Charming has morning breath.


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Perfection Is A Lie: Don't Wait

Perfection is a lie. Everyone else is imperfect, too—even the person you’ll eventually end up with.

By waiting to date, Hesitaters miss out on a chance to develop their dating skills and figure out what type of person they want to be with.

Here’s how you can learn to overcome your hesitation:

  • Set deadlines for yourself.
  • Do prep work for your new dating life.
  • Tell others about your plan.
  • Commit to your new identity as a “dater.”
  • Start with small goals.
  • Be compassionate with yourself.
  • Don't talk about your Ex.


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Handling Breakups

Handling Breakups

Breakups wreak havoc on your physical and emotional health. However, what you feel during a breakup is only temporary.

Journaling helps. Write about the positive aspects of the breakup, and the negative aspects of the relationship, to help yourself move forward.

You can regain your sense of identity, which is often disrupted by a breakup, by participating in “rediscover yourself” activities—things that you enjoyed doing previously but gave up during your relationship.

You can grow from the experience by focusing on what you learned and what you’ll do differently in the future.


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"Having someone wonder where you are when you don't come home at night is a very old human need." — Margart Mead


Why Dating Is Harder Now Than Ever Before. But there’s hope. Using insights from behavioural science, we can take control of our love lives.

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