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How to write internal documentation that works

How to write internal documentation that works


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Creating internal documentation

When creating documentation, you're not speaking to people with institutional knowledge.

You're speaking either to people who sit outside your team and aren't privy to your department's lingo, or to the newbies who don't yet know their CRMs from their CMSs. 

For overarching processes, it's better to whittle down the writing to a digestible format, with enough detail for it to be comprehensible, but not so in-depth that any tiny change in the process would make the whole lot moot. 

If your internal docs are so convoluted tha...

If the process is complicated, the documentation will be too. If you can't explain something in straightforward terms, you should correct the process until you can.

Your processes—and the documents explaining them—should aim for what helps the most people, not what helps a...

Whether it's training materials, employee handbooks, or standard operating procedures, laying out everything in a non-daunting way can bring new team members up to speed faster.

Steven Pinker describes this phenomenon as "the curse of knowledge." He coined the term...

Having a strong company culture isn't something you can just declare. It takes deliberate action to bring people together and to make every department accessible. 

So: how do clear communications better company culture? For one thing, internal documents are a great way to e...



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