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What is Team Intelligence and How to Manage It

What is Team Intelligence and How to Manage It



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Team Intelligence

Team intelligence exists when team members eschew self-interest, move beyond the individualized concept of emotional intelligence and take up a think-together operating mode that embraces the collective good—reaching optimal team performance.

Teams built on a solid founda...


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Harnessing Team Intelligence For Success

Knowing what makes the team successful is a prerequisite for harnessing team intelligence. Small team inter-connectedness efforts can seem insignificant, yet their impacts on your organization at large can be huge (the Butterfly Effect).

We can harness team intelligence fo...

Benefits Of Cultivating Team Intelligence

When you place an intentional focus on the concept of team intelligence, you realize benefits across teams, through to clients. You gain the following benefits:

  • An understanding of employee's style, strengths, and development needs
  • Promotes diversity, inclusion, and belonging 

Handling Friction: Team Breakdown

One method of preemptively addressing issues is through the collective intelligence of your employees. Collective intelligence helps create organizational trust, access diversity of thought, and ultimately respect the basic human right to be heard. It also helps deliver the best solutions.

The common goal should be clear and absorbed by all —regularly. Aligning the goal among teams gives your employees the feeling that everyone contributes to your goals together, forming stronger team bonds.

One tip to help with reinforcing alignment at the team level is to start each meeting...

Managing Team Intelligence: A Psychologically Safe Environment

To cultivate a culture of transparency and support, specifically in remote or hybrid working environments, it’s imperative that all team members feel they can openly express their opinions.

Three ways you can do to build a psychologically safe workplace:

  • frame...

Managing Team Intelligence: Employee Engagement and Retention

Employees need to feel like they have a comfortable direct line to their manager and a connection to one another. Frequent check-ins to seek everyone’s opinions can help build all team members’ confidence and comfort level, allowing introverts the opportunity to speak up and not ...

Often the smallest gestures leave the biggest imprint. With abrupt changes to the corporate world in the past 18 months, many are experiencing greater workloads and responsibilities.

Taking time out from writing a business response to send personal praise or show of apprec...

Managing Team Intelligence: Know The Weaknesses

Do you have people on your team that keep too much to themselves? This behavior can negatively impact the overall team effort. Non-team-players are often misunderstood as arrogant when they feel out of place and awkward in many cases.

For every strength a team has, there is equal weakness. ...

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