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Managing Anger, Frustration, and Resentment on Your Team

Managing Anger, Frustration, and Resentment on Your Team


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Managing anger in the workplace

Recent research from Gallup shows that daily rates of anger, stress, worry and sadness among American workers are worse than over the past decade.

As a team leader, you are responsible for managing your team's moods without letting their anger impact your effectiveness.

There are three damaging reactions to your team's anger.

  • Dismissing the team's grievances, believing they need to get over it.
  • Deflecting issues. First showing interest, but then changing the subject and not doing anything about it.

Lean into their anger with an intent to learn

Accept the feedback that your team is frustrated without judging your team or yourself. Ask for more information, demonstrating that you care to acknowledge it. Then reframe the concept of anger as a part of the human condition that, when managed effectively, can improve the drive across your tea...

Redesign team goals together

Once you have de-escalated emotions, you can channel their frustration toward more constructive outcomes.

  • Helping your team redirect their frustration toward a battle that benefits others can help spark creativity around what changes to make.
  • Design goa...

Consider your blind spots that could contribute to their anger. How you engage with your team can increase the tension or improve trust.

Once you've identified your blindspots, be willing to publicly own the areas where you need to improve and request feedback and advice. This approach can ...

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