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Customers are human beings. When we make every effort to give them the most value we can success is sure to follow.

Being Human Rules for Customer Success

🤗 Advising customer success teams


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How to Help Customers Succeed

Art by: Keith Lowe

Hungry people are not happy people. I learned this more than 25 years ago while waiting tables in a Mexican restaurant.

The customer might not always be right, but helping them succeed means actually caring about the va...

Rule #1: Be Human

Art by: Josephine Rais

It's typical for customer success teams to view customers as tickets to solve rather than people. Most of the metrics used to evaluate CS teams are ba...

Rule #2: Shut Up & Listen!

Art by: Iryna Korshak for Netguru

Shut up and listen - it might just be the kindest thing you can do. When it comes to helping other people, especially in business, let them talk. 

Everybody has...

Rule #3: Delight the Customer

Art by: Roberlan Borges Paresqui

Surprise a customer with something delightful and the effect is magical. It takes very little to do this, but it has very big returns. 

Here are a...

Rule #4: Be Ready to Give

Art by: Ryan Vatzlavick

"Let me ask my manager and get back to you..." This sucks.

Leaders of CS teams must empower CSMs with a range of things they are authorized to offer unhappy customers.

Some examples include:


Make better mistakes next time.

Rule #5: Write Your Own Rules

Art by: Sergey Deykin

Lists of customer success tips can provide some great insights. But use them as your starting point.

Every business has different needs, depending on what you sell, how you sell it and to whom. Being responsive and f...

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Had a conversation with a Food Brand last week with a clear challenge in customer service experience. They get complaints from customers every week. After so much probing I found out they have no customer experience design and customer journey map since their formation in 2014. Sharing this article was influenced by that conversation.



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