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Everybody feels lonely from time to time

We may feel lonely if we have no one to sit next to at lunch or when we move to a new city, or no one has time for us on the weekend. 

However, the occasional feeling of loneliness has become chronic for millions over the last few decades. While we live in the most ...

Loneliness is a subjective individual experience. You can be surrounded by people yet feel lonely. If you feel lonely, you are lonely.

Loneliness can affect everybody, regardless of money, fame, power, beauty, social skills, a great personality.

Loneliness is part of ...

During the Renaissance, Western culture turned its focus away from collectivism to the individual. The Protestant theology further stressed individual responsibility.

During the Industrial Revolution, people left their villages and fields to enter factories. As a result, stable communities ...

Today, we meet fewer people in person and less often. In the US, the mean number of close friends dropped from 3 in 1985 to 2 in 2011.

Most people become lonely because they become too busy with work, university, romance, kids, Netflix. Then it's easy to sacrifice time with friends until yo...

Chronic loneliness is unhealthy

Studies found that the stress that comes from chronic loneliness is the most unhealthy thing we can experience.

When you feel lonely, you become worse at interpreting social signals and understand people less. Your brain starts to b...

Notice the vicious cycle you're stuck in

Try to recognise the vicious cycle you may be trapped in. 

  • Accept that loneliness is a normal feeling. Everybody feels lonely at some point.
  • Examine what you focus your attention on. Check if you selectively focus on negative things. 
  • Are you assuming ...

How to escape chronic loneliness

  • Try to reach out to someone today regardless of whether you feel a little lonely or want to make someone else's day better. Maybe it's a friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Call a family member who has become estranged.
  • Invite a work colleague for a coff...

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