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The next time you are across the table from someone who's not acting in good faith, there are some ways to shift the situation in ways that may defuse tension, align goals, and give you more of an advantage.


5 tactics that can help you negotiate with jerks

5 tactics that can help you negotiate with jerks



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Get curious

  • Ask questions!
  • "Tell me more about that," or "Open-ended questions" may lead to more insight about the other person.
  • Discuss common goals to remind your counterpart that you share some of the same desired outcomes (e.g., common goals for the company).

Call it out-or joke about it

  • The best way to break the ice and begin a more earnest negotiation is to call out the unspoken fear
  • Humor is often a valuable tool
  • Being able to laugh-especially at yourself-can make a tough negotiation better

  • Be aware of the silence in the conversation and use it to your advantage
  • When there are pauses in the discussion, don't rush to fill them up with words
  • Let the silence linger
  • You may be surprised at what your counterpart blurts out

Fight fire with water

  • Refocus the negotiation on the matters at hand by defining one or two key points at the start of the negotiation.
  • This narrows the scope of the conversation so there is less opportunity for the discussion to veer off-topic and get heated.

Know Your “Walk Away” Point

  • You'll have a stronger negotiating stance if you are willing to walk away from the situation
  • If you don't have a walk-away point, you've given up one of your negotiating options
  • Insurance against being treated unfairly or having to strike a deal with a jerk

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