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So, You Dropped the Ball. How Do You Get Your Credibility Back?

So, You Dropped the Ball. How Do You Get Your Credibility Back?


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Get Your Credibility Back: Key Takeaways

We’ve all made mistakes at work before. If you dropped the ball on an important project, or done something to lose credibility and trust at work, there are steps you can take to build it back.

After you’ve done the basics (you apologized, yo...

Manage Expectations Meticulously

It’s important to understand that when employees “fail,” it’s often because they don’t meet the expectations that were set for them. You can avoid this by making those expectations clearer from the start of your next project. Kick it off by ensuring that you and all of the stakeholders are 

Ask Probing Questions

 Asking probing questions will help you identify your goals and ensure that you have the support and resources you need to reach them.

Namely, you will want to find out:

  • Who: Who is your customer?
  • What: What are your goals?
  • Where: Are there s...

When you fail to meet someone’s expectations at work, you may feel the need to prove yourself the next time you work with them. If you’re not careful, this can lead to you overcompensating and taking on more than you can realistically handle. A better strategy is to 

Focus on Small, Quick Wins

Once you set expectations and establish clear objectives and timelines, shift your focus to accomplishing small, quick wins. In a study surveying over 5,400 newly promoted leaders and their managers, the one attribute that stood out amo...

Reassess Your Situation

Take a step back every couple of months to assess whether you’re making progress. The amount of time it takes to fully rebuild your reputation will vary based on a host of factors, like your manager’s personality, the magnitude of the previous failure, and more. But in those check-ins you have wi...

The Bottom Line

Broken trust and credibility are one of the hardest things to regain in any relationship. Be patient with yourself, and give yourself some grace. We all make mistakes. We should all be given the opportunity to redeem ourselves and use our failures as milestones for our development. With a concert...




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