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How Borderline Personality Disorder is an act of resisting and letting go and a few ways to cope.


Living With BPD As An Act Of Resisting And Letting Go

Living With BPD As An Act Of Resisting And Letting Go


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Living With BPD

Daily life with Borderline Personality Disrorder is really an act of resisting and letting go.

Many of us struggle alone or with few friends. We may tend to withdraw and feel safer alone or with someone close because we are hypersensitive.

It's a struggle that is ve...

What We Resist

Every day, we have to resist

  • engaging in self-destructive behavior
  • not contacting people that negatively impact our mental health
  • resisting the urge to not obsess over someone
  • resisting urges to make bad decisions in general

What We Let Go

In order to resist, we also need to learn to let go.

  • let go of thoughts that are not beneficial to us and that may lead to bad decisions
  • let go of limiting beliefs
  • let go of painful things through therapy, by reading about it and through auto-analysis
  • trying to ...

What We Can Do

  • DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) is the best approach to our struggle.
  • Slowly reinforcing and not reinforcing habits, negative thoughts, obsessive thoughts.
  • Learning to redirect our attention to our breath when our thoughts do not serve us (addiction trig...

Our Thoughts

Your thoughts are not you. They lie to us often. We must learn to let go of thoughts that are detrimental to us.

Trauma left deep and open wounds that manifest in our thoughts and in other ways. But we are, above all, conscience and we can cultivate healthi...



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