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Should we be eating three meals a day?

Should we be eating three meals a day?


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Three meals a day

Modern life is designed around three meals a day. We are told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we're given lunch breaks at work , then our social and family lives is centred around evening meals.

Before we decide when we should eat, we should also consider when we shouldn't ...

Intermittent fasting

Our bodies are more in line with intermittent fasting. Giving our bodies at least 12 hours a day without food allows our digestive system to rest.

  • Fasting puts the body in a different state where it's more able to repair, look for damage, and clear misfolded proteins. ...

When to eat

Having an early dinner and increasing the time of your fasting window can have positive effects on your body, such as better glycaemic control.

Some experts argue one meal a day is the best. Throughout history, we consumed one meal a day. But others disagree. Since o...

Feeling hungry

Hunger is often a psychological sensation. You might be conditioned to eat breakfast in the morning. This is not necessary. Data shows if you skip breakfast, you will eat fewer calories overall that day.

Don't eat to early in the day

Eating too early in the morning should be avoided. It doesn't give you sufficient time to fast. Eating too soon after waking up also works against your circadian rhythm, which dictates how the body will process food throughout the day.

Melatonin in the night helps us sleep, but it also paus...

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